Threads 101: How to start and everything you need to know

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Threads 101: How to start and everything you need to know

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the world of social media has been stirred up yet again with the arrival of Threads. After months of rumours and leaks, Threads—which is said to be a Twitter competitor (or “Twitter killer”, if you will)—finally rolled out in more than 100 countries worldwide yesterday.

Okay, we get it. We’re already distracted as it is on the daily. Do we really need another social media platform? Well, we’d say, don’t dismiss it before even knowing what it actually is about. With that, let’s dive in to learn more about Threads—and then you can decide if you want to get on board.


What is Threads?

Threads is a new social media platform that allows users to publish short posts or updates that are up to 500 characters in length. Besides text, you can also include links, photos, and videos of up to five minutes long within your posts.

Since Threads is developed by Meta, the app is currently linked to your Instagram account. According to Meta, users are able to “easily share a Threads post to your Instagram story, or share your post as a link on any other platform you choose.” Your default feed will include posts from people and accounts you follow on Instagram or Threads. You’ll also get recommendations for content that you may enjoy. Additionally, you’ll be able to filter specific words from your feed and restrict other users from mentioning you.


How did Threads come about?

Threads was launched on the 6th of July 2023 in over 100 countries globally, and in just under 24 hours of its debut, the platform has logged over 30 million signups. Unfortunately though, Threads is currently not available in the EU due to some legal complexity.

Built by the Instagram team at Meta and recently announced by Mark Zuckerberg, Threads has reportedly been in the works since January this year. According to The Verge, the internal code name for the app was ‘Project 92’.

Meta chief product officer Chris Cox said of the platform while throwing slight shade at Elon Musk’s handling of Twitter, “We’ve been hearing from creators and public figures who are interested in having a platform that is sanely run, that they believe that they can trust and rely upon for distribution”. Cox added that the goal of Threads is to ensure “safety, ease of use, reliability” and to make sure that creators have a “stable place to build and grow their audiences”. Big names like DJ Slime, Oprah, and the Dalai Lama were reportedly early users of the app.


How can you use Threads?

Threads is free to use and is now accessible via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once you download the app or access the Threads site, all you’ll have to do is log in with your Instagram credentials. Your username and verification status from Instagram will also appear accordingly on Threads. As for your bio, you may choose to import data from your Instagram account or customise your profile specifically for Threads.

On the platform, you are able to craft a message to be posted, react to a post, comment on a post, and even quote posts. As mentioned earlier, you can post Threads of up to 500 characters, and even add images and a video to your post. To post a message, all you have to do is tap on the ‘Draft’ icon at the bottom of your screen and start typing. As of now, you cannot edit Threads you’ve already posted, but you may limit who can reply to your post and even hide the number of likes you have on the post.


What should you post on Threads?

Okay, so you’ve downloaded the app and sort of understand how it works—but now you’re stuck on what to post. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Since users are able to import their Instagram posts to Threads, what we are currently seeing on Threads are the same photos and videos that are already posted on Instagram. Most users are also simply adding Threads as yet another platform to dump their content and ride on the algorithm for engagement. While this is understandable, that may not be the intended purpose of

Hear it from Instagram head Adam Mosseri: “For those of you trying to think about what to post here on Threads versus on Instagram, my take is it’s less about text versus photos and videos and more about what public conversations you want to have. Do you want to engage in more of a back and forth, Threads make sense. If not, great, probably Instagram…”

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Our verdict? Literally anything works, so go ahead and experiment with it! Whether you choose to regurgitate your photos and videos from Instagram on Threads, engage with other users’ posts to give your two cents, or create your own Threads posts worthy of a mic drop, you have free rein. Besides, social media serves as a platform for expression, so you do you. 

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Are there plans to make the app even better?

Soon, Meta will be making Threads compatible with ActivityPub, an open social networking protocol established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the body in charge of the open standards that power the web. This means that Threads will be interoperable with other apps that support the ActivityPub protocol, like Mastodon and WordPress. Other platforms like Tumblr will also soon support the ActivityPub protocol.

Meta also mentioned that they will be giving users more control over their audience on Threads. In the near future, it aims to make Threads a part of diverse and interconnected network through its partnership with ActivityPub. Hence, if your profile is public on Threads, your posts will be accessible from other apps, thus expanding your reach to new people effortlessly. With a private profile, you’ll have to approve users on Threads who want to follow you and interact with your content.

Additionally, Meta will be adding new features to Threads, with two already in the pipeline. These include improved recommendations within the feed and a more effective search function that makes it more seamless to follow topics and trends in real time.


How are netizens reacting to Threads? 

As expected, the Internet has plenty to say about this shiny new platform (read: social media blackhole). By this point, you’ve probably already seen several memes circulating on your feeds in response to the launch of Threads. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of them in one place so you can…react to the reactions. You’re welcome.


The overwhelmed camp

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Post by @jessechuku
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The FOMO effect

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Post by @the.yael
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Post by @illumitati
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Social media managers be like…

Post by @netflix
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Twitter vs Threads…


Post by @thefaizzainal
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Post by @memezar
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Post by @daiyantrisha
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Post by @9gag
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Or is it Elon vs Musk?

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Post by @jeremylynchofficial
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