The Elbi app: Empowering change through social media

Little actions, big difference


By Su Fen Tan

The Elbi app: Empowering change through social media

A supermodel with 69 Vogue front covers and countless runway appearances, Natalia Vodianova (also known as the Supernova) is just as renowned for her philanthropic work. Co-founded by Vodianova in 2013, Elbi simply stands for “little actions, big difference”. At the Web Summit 2015 held in Ireland last week, Vodianova took to the stage to announce the launch of the project. 


“It brings the power of social and digital worlds to charities… Little actions that make a big difference,” said Natalia. It shouldn’t be just about giving money. You can do other things… Giving can seem so inaccessible to the general public. There are so many ways to give.”


Elbi has partnered with 30 registered charities so far. Here is how it works: Users can show emotional support to say, a young patient halfway across the world, through little actions like drawing, writing, taking a photo or selfie. Brighten someone’s day with a smile through little actions each day. There is also the “love” button, where other users can vote for your little creation, donating a dollar to the project you love each time they tap it, making you a mini fundraiser—it’s that simple. 


For now, Elbi is only available for download in the UK and US, but learn more about the app and how you can make a difference here.


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