OnePlus 2 revealed: A worthy match of giants

OnePlus 2 revealed: A worthy match of giants

Incredible specs at a steal


Earlier this week, Chinese start-up OnePlus officially announced the successor to their highly successful flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 2. The OnePlus One was a surprising hit, which boasted iPhone-like specs, at a fraction of the price. Luxe for less, indeed

Although the OnePlus 2 follows its predecessor in keeping affordable, its design and specs proves that it is a force to be reckoned with. Its 5.5” full HD display works well under direct sunlight and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with a 4GB RAM promises quick performance on the phone. 

For photo-taking enthusiasts, the OnePlus 2 camera has been engineered to be able to take photos under low light conditions. With a 13MP rear facing camera that has six physical lenses, dual LED flash, and f/2.0 aperture, you can expect clean and sharp images from its camera. Also, the wide-angle 5MP front-facing camera will make taking selfies much easier. 

The fingerprint sensor introduced on the OnePlus 2 shows that they mean business by attempting to rival with smartphone giants Apple and Samsung. The battery of 3300mAh is much larger than the ones in the iPhone 6 (1810mAh) and the Samsung Galaxy S6 (2550mAh), which promises sustainability throughout the day. 

Another feature that is noteworthy is the StyleSwap, which allows you to choose from five different back covers that are interchangeable to match different looks. 

OnePlus products are exclusively available at Maxis stores nationwide.