Meet Amy: Your very own personal assistant

Let artificial intelligence do the work

Meet Amy: Your very own personal assistant
Ever felt drained from scheduling meetings? Sometimes, a 30-minute coffee meet-up could take days of figuring out the right time for both parties., a New York startup, has come with a solution for your scheduling problems and her name is Amy Ingram. Escape from the tedious email ping pong that comes with scheduling a meeting by delegating the work to Amy. All you have to do is CC into your email thread and she will take over and do the scheduling for you. 


You are not required to download or sign-in to anything to get access to Amy. All you have to do is CC Amy as she simply exists in the dialogue you have with her. Share your calendar with Amy and she will be able to communicate your availability based on your time and location. Once a meeting is confirmed, Amy will send a meeting invite to you and your guest, and you can look forward to your appointment without having to deal with the days of stress scheduling it. 


Just this year, Amy’s twin brother, Andrew Ingram, was born. If you prefer him to schedule your meetings, just CC in your email thread instead. 


Visit to get your name on the waiting list to meet your new personal assistant. 

Rachel Ong

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