Google Play now offers audiobooks so you can read more

“Ok Google, read my book”


By Rachel Au

Google Play now offers audiobooks so you can read more

It’s a tough crowd out there in the digital world and no one wants to get left behind. Hence, Google has added one more product to its already expansive list of offerings: Audiobooks. If podcasts doesn’t interest you, perhaps audiobooks will. If you don’t have time to sit on your favourite couch at home, curl up with a spot of tea and read a book—listen to it instead. It’s perfect for battling out traffic jams or even at the gym.

google play audiobooks

Google Play gets that. Now available in 45 countries—including Malaysia—the audiobooks can be downloaded individually at an affordable price without a subscription, and with a free preview of the book. They’re accessible on Android, iOS, the web via Google Play Books, and devices that include Google Assistant. With said Google Assistant, you just need to say things like “Ok Google, read my book”, “Ok Google, who is the author” or “Ok Google, stop playing in 20 minutes”.

google play audiobooks ikigai

Another feature that makes Google Play’s audiobooks so convenient is that it syncs across your multiple devices, letting you pick up where you left off no matter which device you were (or are) using. In conjunction with the launch, Google is currently offering pretty good discounts for a lot of titles to help you get started.

For more info, visit Google Play Books.

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