6 Apps you should download now for your new iPad Pro

App-licable to your creative needs


By Rachel Au

6 Apps you should download now for your new iPad Pro

1. Penultimate

penultimate ipad pro

If you have an Evernote account, you’ll love this app even more as it can sync across the two. Out of all the digital notebook apps I tried, Penultimate was definitely the best. Fuss-free and easy to use, it’s great for jotting down notes and doing a simple outline sketch for projects.


2. Tayasui Sketches

tayasui sketches ipad pro

There are plenty of drawing apps but there’s no other that is as user-friendly and suitable for all levels as Tayasui Sketches. The watercolour wet brushes are especially realistic, softer and produces a very pretty effect. 


3. Amaziograph

amaziograph app ipad pro

Anyone can feel like a designer with Amaziograph and what’s even better is how therapeutic it is to draw with it. However, all you’ll be drawing is variations of kaleidoscope-like art.


4. Affinity Photo

affinity photo ipad pro

The iPad Pro can be a handy assistant for photographers too and Affinity Photo is a full-featured professional photo editing tool optimised from the award-winning desktop version for the tablet. Matching with the power of the iPad Pro’s hardware and touch capabilities, all rendering and adjustments made to any image is applied almost instantly.


5. Adobe Photoshop Mix

adobe photoshop mix ipad pro

Take your photographs a step further with Adobe Photoshop Mix where you can add text layers, add a subject from one photo into the background of another, fix flaws and more. 


6. Cinemagraph Pro

It’s easy to create cinemagraph images or, as they call it, flixels (where only a selected part of the image is moving) with this app. Available on the iPhone as well, Cinemagraph Pro is even better to use its ‘live-masking’ technology on the iPad Pro as it has an advanced display and powerful performance thanks to the ProMotion technology and the new A10X Fusion chip.


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