5 nifty iOS 9 tips and tricks

Hello, Siri


By Su Fen Tan

5 nifty iOS 9 tips and tricks

Along with the new iPhone 6s and iPad Pro came the new iOS 9, which most of us are probably using by now. The new operating system is full of enhancements that make the iPhone experience that much better, and here are just some of our favourite tricks from the upgrade:


1. Multiple photo selection

Instead of tapping each photo individually, we can now tap “Select” then press and slide across multiple images to select them at once.


2. Facedown feature

Simply put your phone facedown to save battery life—this feature uses the phone’s ambient light and proximity sensors to prevent the screen lighting up when you get a notification, saving battery life considerably.


3. Low Power Mode

If the tip above doesn’t quite cut it for you, this probably will. The Low Power Mode is designed to kick in when you have only 20% battery remaining, but it can also be turned on manually to run all day, which may slow down battery usage by up to 38.7%.


4. Upgraded Spotlight search

Spotlight now offers Siri suggestions and can even perform quick calculations, among other uses. There is also the search function in Settings, which is really quite nifty instead of having to scroll through the long list to find what you’re looking for.


5. Notes made better

Notes is now more, well, noteworthy. You can now do so much more with it—add a checklist of to-dos, insert photos and videos, and even draw a sketch for a personalised touch.



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