Zesty cocktails and delicious bites at Mesh

For that extra kick

Zesty cocktails and delicious bites at Mesh
How does seating in a bar surrounded by luscious bamboo greenery sound to you? If the answer is ‘amazing’, Mesh is the place to be. With a brand new furniture scheme, the recently revamped bar now comfortably sits 100 guests indoor and al fresco.

If you are making your way to the trendy and modern Taikoo Li Sanlitun in Beijing, you should certainly check out the award-winning bar, Mesh, at The Opposite House, which is introducing a vibrant selection of tasty cocktails with a kick. 


Adventurous cocktail lovers will delight in the bar’s new cocktail selection will certainly tickle your tastebuds such as the Ginger Candy, Mesh Royale, Bombay Basil, and Tropical Oasis. Of course, a drinking night out will not be complete without some light-bites, therefore, Mesh is also offering delectable treats like Aussie Beef Sliders, Homemade Dips and a variety of Tapas.  


Here are 2 cocktails to check out upon your visit.


1. Jade Princess

Zesty cocktails and delicious bites at Mesh (фото 1)

This elegant cocktail is a blend of G’vine Floraison Gin with mint and green apple that looks as green as it is refreshing.


2. Agave Kiss

Zesty cocktails and delicious bites at Mesh (фото 2)

The Agave Kiss will give you a nice zesty kick with its mixture of capsicum-infused high-degree tequila and red and yellow capsicums. Definitely a must-try for the adventurous souls. 


For more information, call +86 10 6410 5000.

Rachel Ong

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