What you missed at the #BuroTurnsTwo ‘Too Cool for School’ party

Class of ‘17


By Rachel Au

What you missed at the #BuroTurnsTwo ‘Too Cool for School’ party

The night was indefinitely young and felt so too. If anything, the Buro Double Decker bus parked at The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur was just the tip of what was to come. A row of lockers peppered with Buro 24/7 school crest stickers were positioned opposite the main doors of the Grand Ballroom while over at the foyer were two photo walls sporting the same large B crest. And the crowd? All decked in their too-cool-for-school best. For one night only and for the #BuroTurnsTwo party, Buro 24/7 Malaysia transformed into a high school where there were no rules, only fun. 

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Class of ’17’s number of ‘admissions’ were over 500 which included Friends of Buro Marion Caunter, Vivy Yusof, Jane Chuck and Brian See. Upon registering (new school term, kids!), ‘students’ received an blank report card. But before classes begin their sessions, it was all about getting a school photo to fit in the card. With a white brick-like wall and the B school crest, Wowsome helped guests get their Movish portraits done complete with a printed photo. To fuel the students, delicious canapés were served alongside a wide variety of drinks which included a greenish Buro mocktail, wine and Budweiser. 

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While the average school starts at 8am, we opened our doors at 8pm to the sound of drums. As everyone made their way inside the Grand Ballroom which was beautifully decorated by Precious Moments, a group of drummers lined the stage and began their powerful beats before a row of cheerleaders filled the ‘basketball court’ in front. After their jaw dropping routine (to which the crowds responded with loud cheers and applause), our hosts for the night, Hunny Madu and Jonathan Putra, stylishly dressed in Coach according to the theme, went on stage to greet the guests and to introduce Editor-in-chief of Buro 24/7 Malaysia, Cai Mei Khoo for a welcome speech.

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#BuroTurnsTwo also marked the return of the Buro 24/7 Malaysia Digital Awards. With four categories and 42 nominees, voting took place over three weeks and the winners were finally revealed that night. Best Digital Start-Up went to Doctor2U, Most Inspiring Entrepreneur was awarded to Ben Yong, Favourite Digital Content Creator was Emily Quak, and the title of Favourite Social Media Influencer was given to Fyza Kadir. Each of them went home with special gifts thanks to Tiffany & Co., La Prairie, Panasonic and Spring Cottage.

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With the formalities out of the way, it was time to get the party started. All classes were officially opened and guests were encouraged to attend at least three lessons before they can have a go at the Buro Digital Vending Machine and play a simple game to win a prize. Some of the prizes that were up for grabs include a Panasonic Lumix GF9 camera, designer items from Club21, 3D2N stays courtesy of YTL Hotels, products from Dior Beauty, L’Occitane, L’Oreal Professionnel and Kerastase, Nespresso machines, gallons of Garrett Popcorn, and Spring Cottage flowers. 

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And they couldn’t play truant either cos that was where the report card comes in. Upon completion of each class, the attendant at the station would stamp the card. But there were no worries that anyone would skip lessons anyway as each station were definitely subjects of interest. Starting with the Science Class, which also acted as the Buro 24/7 Cocktail Lab, orchestrated by Rad Impressions, students finally found chemistry more relatable—by making cocktails featuring Singleton and Tanqueray. 

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Next door were two Beauty Schools: Dior Beauty for touch ups and temporary tattoo art, and a Braid Bar by L’Oreal Professionnel (featuring Shawn Cutler) for a quick hair makeover. On the opposite side of the room was the Art Class but unlike any you’d have ever attended. The tool of choice: Google’s Tilt Brush for 3D art. It might sound tricky but Wong Chee Meng and Ruzzeki Harris swapped their usual roles as artists to teachers for the night to give students a hand. Also, (almost) no school is ever complete without The Pool and ours was a special one thanks to Moet & Chandon—it was another great photo op spot. 

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Anytime is recess time at the Buro 24/7 school and famished students either headed to the Canteen specially set up by The St. Regis KL team for some classic favourites with a tinge of pizzazz; or the additional food stations such as Llao Llao and Garrett Popcorn. Magnum was another interesting stop since there were three different types customised especially to match our #BuroTurnsTwo theme. Those with an even sweeter tooth would find themselves heading over to the dessert station by The Buttercake Factory for adorable cupcakes and donuts. To quench their thirsts, guests could choose from Moet & Chandon champagne, Singleton whisky, Budweiser beer, wine, Coca Cola and for the health-conscious, cold-pressed juices courtesy of Life Juice. All of these were conveniently available at the Island Bar in the centre of the ballroom except for Coca Cola which had its own mini bar, old-school style.

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Just like your average high school prom, we needed to crown a Prom Queen and Prom King, and for Class of ’17, it’s Marion Caunter and Joe Flizzow! And just like how prom nights are, we gave them the crown, sash and flowers. But before guests could assume the night was coming to an end, the Katoon Network crew suddenly started a flashmob on the dance floor (also the ‘basketball court’) enticing everyone’s dancing spirits followed by a surprise performance by Hunny and Radio3000 for their new collaborative single ‘Get Money’. And with that, the dance floor was officially opened with DJ Bate (also dressed to impress in Coach) on the decks to spin the hottest tracks. The night has only just begun but it was certainly a night to remember. 

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For those who came, thank you for joining us in celebrating Buro 24/7 Malaysia’s second anniversary. For those who couldn’t make it, you were sorely missed. Stay tuned for a video with all the #BuroTurnsTwo party highlights and in the meantime, check out our interview with the Buro 24/7 Malaysia Digital Awards 2017 winners

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You can also check out the live feed replay on Tonton from 22 July onwards or the post event coverage on 8TV Express at 10.30pm on 24 July. A repeat of this post event coverage will be available on Tonton beginning 25 July. 


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