Visualising the senses of Hennessy X.O

Filming a sensation


By Buro247

Visualising the senses of Hennessy X.O

Ever wanted to describe something, but didn’t know how? If you’ve ever wished you could take an exact feeling out of your brain and see it visualised right in front of you, perhaps this new campaign by Hennessy X.O will inspire you.


The new Odyssey campaign brings on board film director Nicolas Winding Refn to interpret the sensorial journey of the fine cognac on film. Here, he explores the impressions described by Hennessy’s Comité de Dégustation (tasting committee). Draped in Refn’s mysterious and conceptual signature, the film unravels into a dreamscape of colour and texture, using natural elements like water, earth, fire and metal to bring the cognac’s taste and feel to life.


“Taste is a powerful sense,” Refn says. “Experiencing certain tastes creates the sensation of a journey. The complex flavours in Hennessy X.O excite the palate and offer rich contour and contrast, opening the door to unique experiences.


Watch the film below:


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