The largest champagne cellars by Moët & Chandon reopens

Reliving French art de vivre


By Buro247

The largest champagne cellars by Moët & Chandon reopens

The extensive work executed by Moët & Chandon was done to optimise access to its visitors, ensuring that their experience is faithful to the champagne house’s spirit. Since its foundation in 1743,  Moët & Chandon strived for perfection in its wines and aims to present to visitors a memorable and accurate immersion into its family heritage. The champagne house has owned cellars on avenue de Champagne since its creation and the current cellars remain true to its French roots and way of living. Beyond the champagne bottles located here, the cellars also allow visitors discover the friendship between Jean-Remy Moët and Napoleon I in the Imperial Gallery. 


The Moët & Chandon cellars are open to visitors throughout the year. For more information on the cellar tour, visit

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