Strongbow Nature Remix Lab: A collaboration with KL’s hottest speakeasies

Cider cocktails galore


By Su Fen Tan

Strongbow Nature Remix Lab: A collaboration with KL’s hottest speakeasies

Known for its crisp, refreshing ciders, Strongbow has collaborated with 61 Monarchy, Ikki, Sparrow Bar and enfin by James Won as part of its Nature Remix Lab campaign to spruce up your evenings (or afternoons, if you prefer) with a myriad of innovative cocktails using Strongbow ciders. The team at enfin by James Won has even created an exclusive degustation menu for you to pair with the unique cocktails.


Find out what delightful Strongbow cocktails await you at the following speakeasy bars:

61 Monarchy

Strongbow cocktails by bartender Jason Julian:

The Gold Mule – a mix of rum with a hint of spiciness from ginger syrup and sliced gingeras well as Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold for a sweet finish

Sundown Cooler – a mix of refreshing Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey with tequila, ginger liquer and a touch of herbs

Garden of Eden – a combination of gin with cucumber and lemon juices, coupled with the sweet floral aroma of Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower



Strongbow cocktails by bar manager Osmud Bernard:

Shinsena – simple and refined flavours with the uplifting floral taste of Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower mixed with gin and lemon juice

Sawayaka – pleasant and refreshing with a mixture of Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold, gin, apple syrup, and mint leaves

Biru Soba – a robust twist on a well-known classic, this cocktail infuses whiskey and Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey for a hint of sweetness


Sparrow Bar

Strongbow cocktails by bartender and owner Shawn Chong:

White White Pitcha – a sweet and fresh combination of lychee, peach and lemon with Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower

Calling Honey – the perfect summer cocktail with fruity bursts of flavour lightly sweetened by Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey

PJ 59 – an asamboi-fused cocktail complete with the sweet and crisp flavours of Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold


Enfin by James Won

Stonrgbow cocktails by mixologist Jeffri S.:

Dream Geisha – a fresh concoction of Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower and a selection of crisp liquors and fresh juices

Woodfire – an aromatic cocktail that combines the sweet notes of Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey with vodka and sweet juices


All cocktails are now available at the respective bars until 25 September 2016.


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