Stay Updated: Highlights of the Apple Special Event

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By Buro247

Stay Updated: Highlights of the Apple Special Event

Including the major announcements, here are 6 things you need to know.


1. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

The announcement that everyone has been waiting for arrived at the end of the event and it did not disappoint. The iPhone 6s announcement confirmed the rumours of the stunning Rose Gold finish. With a brand new glass on the phone, Apple was proud to announce the 3D Touch, which is the major game changer on the S versions. The 3D Touch recognises force and is able to give you shortcuts on your home screen. It is so intuitive that you can peek on links before you decide to open them or preview messages instead of opening them. 


The camera on the cameras have finally increased to a wonderful 12MP, which is 50% more pixels than before. It also take extremely detailed 4K videos on video mode, with 8 million pixels in every frame. The front camera has also received a major upgrade to a 5MP camera and the retina display now works as a flash when the front camera is used in low light conditions, which we’re sure is an upgrade everyone has been waiting for for years. 


Another impressive camera update on the iPhone 6s is Live Photos that will allow users to take moving pictures by utilising the 3D Touch screen. The Live Photos are captured by extending the photo before and after the shot to give each image a very slight movement. When scrolling through pictures in the gallery, Live Photos will move and add life to each pictures. Users can also view movement by pressing down on the 3D Touch screen. Live Photos will be available on all Apple Devices. 


2. iPad Pro

Apple has claimed the iPad Pro to be the most capable and powerful iPad they have ever created. With a much larger screen that its predecessors, the iPad Pro boasts more power and performance on it’s 12.9” screen. The iPad Pro has the most advanced retina display that Apple has ever made 5.6 million pixels. It also comes with a 4 speaker audio system that will deliver volumes 3x louder than the iPad. 


3. Smart Keyboard

An accessory to the iPad Pro, the Smart Keyboard is clearly made to compete with Microsoft’s Surface. The Smart keyboard uses key domes that Apple developed for the new MacBook and is covered entirely with cloth. 


4. Apple Pencil

The rumours were true; apple is developing their very own stylus and now it is officially presented to the public. The stylus is called the Apple Pencil and it packs a punch in its incredibly sleek design. The pencil is so precise, it detects position, force and tilt, making drawing on a tablet more intuitive that it has ever been.


5. Apple Watch x Hermès

Apple is collaborating with Hermès to create a hand-stitched leather version of the Apple Watch that will come in 3 different types of bands; Single Tour, Double Tour, and Cuff. The face of the Apple watch will also be designed to reflect the Hermès heritage, iconography and craftsmanship. 


6. Apple TV 

Apple TV has reconstructed itself to make Siri the best TV companion you can ask for. Ask Siri anything before, during, or after watching your favourite shows and she will deliver the information that you need. The touch surface remote has also upgraded the feel of Apple TV and increased it’s possibilities, allowing for games on your TV using this incredible device. This is why apps are now being introduced to Apple TV, which includes shopping right from your own couch. These upgrades will probably make it very difficult for anyone to leave the comfort of home. 

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