Stay cool this month with the Buro 24/7 Softsrve

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Stay cool this month with the Buro 24/7 Softsrve

It’s hard to look away from Softsrve sundaes. Each sundae is beautifully decorated and comes out from the ice cream bar with a cool smokey effect — it is not only a delicious dessert but a tiny spectacle in your hands. Flavour-wise, Softsrve sundaes go from decadent and classy such as the Deep Chocolate with Truffles, to the outright whacky like the Cereal Milk with Honey Chips. 


We wanted to know what Buro 24/7 Malaysia would taste like as one of these creative desserts and the result: a creamy and nostalgic teh tarik soft serve. In commemoration of our Independence month, Softsrve has also come up with two localised toppings, the Banana Goreng served with roasted peanuts and gula melaka and the Noodle which has rock salt, dried noodles and white chocolate.

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We sat down with founders of Softsrve and asked them about the story behind their ice cream bar and the inspiration behind the Buro 24/7 flavour. 


How did you guys get started?

We were really good friends in college, but we got separated when we left to different countries for university. When we got back to Malaysia and started working, we felt really bored by our day jobs. Then, Redmond and Jack went to Korea for a holiday and saw that soft serve ice cream was a pretty popular thing there. So, they came back and got us all together to go back on a 2nd trip to Korea to observe the market. 


How is it working as a team?

Well, I think that we are a dream team. Everyone is in charge of different things that suits our strengths. We also have the same mind set and the same tastes. We have our different talents so it’s really perfect.


How did you come up with a Buro 24/7 Malaysia flavour?

We were thinking of something related to Malaysia because Buro 24/7 is in so many countries and we specifically wanted to bring the Malaysian vibe to this flavour. So, the first thing that popped into our minds was mamak culture because it is something so universal amongst Malaysians and we just ran with that. We also wanted to be daring and creative with it because we believe in taking risks — high risks, high returns. 


Why do you use dry ice in your ice cream?

First of all, we use it to preserve the freshness of the ice cream so it doesn’t melt fast in this weather. But another important reason is so that it’s Instagram-worthy. Although our flavours are good, we know that picture taking is an important part of the eating experience in Malaysia so we wanted to create a cool effect for the cameras.  


What can we look forward to from Softsrve in the future?

We want to keep experimenting with new flavours and odd toppings. We always want to explore different approaches to soft serve ice cream. We hope that we can bring that to our customers. We are in the midst of trying out flavours like Nutella, earl grey and yogurt soft serve.


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Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar, No 31, SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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