Coming soon: Take a virtual trip to Mars at Petrosains

Journey to the red planet


By Su Fen Tan

Coming soon: Take a virtual trip to Mars at Petrosains

Mankind may have made a mark on the Moon almost six decades ago now, but Mars is so far still unchartered territory—a neighbouring planet that leaves the first step to the imagination. Named after the Roman god and bringer of war, Mars has seen orbiters, landers and rovers brushing its red, rocky surfaces over the years. However, mankind’s journey to the planet isn’t an easy one, as around half of the robotic missions sent there have failed, and the European Space Agency’s Schiaparelli lander crash-landed just last month. But imagine if we were to one day set foot on Mars…


It is the year 2033, and the first crewed mission to Mars is about to become a reality, opening the gateway between mankind and the red planet—that is what National Geographic Channel’s new mini-series Mars is all about. Produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, the show brought together some of the best minds in modern science and innovation to shed light on how research and development is creating the space technology that will enable mankind’s first attempt at a mission to Mars.

To bring an even more authentic experience to us, National Geographic is set to stage the ‘Experience Mars’ VR simulation at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre starting this 10 November. Here, one will be able to experience simulated landing on Mars and what it’s like to walk on its surface at just 38 percent of the gravity of Earth, posing the question: are you ready to embrace life on Mars? Find out more about ‘Experience Mars’ at


‘Experience Mars’ will run from 10 November to 31 December 2016 at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, Suria KLCC. ‘Mars’ premieres on the National Geographic Channel at 10pm, 13 November 2016.

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