Rejoice! Snapchat brings Creator Shows to Malaysia


By Ronn Tan

Rejoice! Snapchat brings Creator Shows to Malaysia

Malaysians are a curious bunch—always seeking the freshest, the latest and the newest. With the debut of Snapchat‘s Creator Shows in Malaysia, it is now way easier to discover and keep up with the personalities you admire.

What is the Creator Shows?

As society moves towards a more mobile generation, it is to no one’s surprise that more content are being produced for on-the-go viewing. Snapchat realising this, is giving celebrities and personalities a platform to do just that. These ‘Creators’ were challenged by Snapchat to create three- to five-minute content in the form of sitcoms, mockumentaries, and animation. With eight to 10 episodes per season, Malaysians will now be able to enjoy Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Rule of Success, Keke Palmer’s Keepin’ It Real, and yet to be titled shows from the likes of Serena Williams and Kevin Hart.

Accessing the Creator Shows is really easy as well. Just a few steps and you’re on to some enjoyable content on Snapchat:

1. Open the app, of course.

2. At the right of the camera is the Discover page.

3. Search for your favourite shows in the Search bar.

4. Select and subscribe to your favourite shows.

5. Get watching!

This is definitely something Malaysian Snapchatters will be happy about. Snapchat, still influential despite pushbacks by major competitor such as Facebook, was reported to have garnered more than 20 million viewers with original content (Endless Summer had 28 million for its first season). With Snap’s $320 million revenue in 2019 so far, one can only wonder what the new Creator Shows will do for the company.

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