5 Quick facts about national squash star Sivasangari Subramaniam

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By Amanda Fung

5 Quick facts about national squash star Sivasangari Subramaniam

Sivasangari Subramaniam is a force to be reckoned with. The number one squash player in Malaysia and the latest champion of the GillenMarkets London Squash Classic, Sivasangari has emerged as one of the country’s athletic superstars with a slew of titles and achievements to her name. Her 2024 victory marks the first time a Malaysian has made it to a gold-level final in squash since Datuk Nicol David—who Sivasangari cites as her idol—in 2015. 

Having been an avid squash player since she was just eight years old, her success and undying passion for the sport comes as no surprise. As of April 2024, she ranks at No. 13 in the world and will continue to climb if her achievements are anything to go by. Here are five quick facts about the nation’s squash star you need to know. 



Sivasangari graduated from Cornell University—a prestigious Ivy League school—in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. To make things even more impressive, she received a full scholarship to attend the university. During her four years there, she excelled as the school’s star in squash. In fact, she was the first-ever player—in both the men’s and women’s conferences—to win the ‘Ivy League Player of the Year’ title with 19 consecutive wins. 



In June of 2022, Sivasangari was involved in a major car accident in Kuala Lumpur that left her with serious injurice to her face and C1 vertebra. As a result, she had to withdraw from the Commonwealth Games that was set to be held later that year. After two surgeries, a lengthy hospital stay, and seven months of physiotherapy, Sivasangari made a full recovery and was back to training.



Being the flag bearer for your representative country at any sporting event is no tiny feat. Sivasangari bore the responsibility of walking the Jalur Gemilang out at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, held in 2023 due to pandemic-induced delays. She shared the role with national track cyclist Muhammad Shah Firdaus Sahrom. Prior to her accident, Sivasangari was also named flag bearer for the 2022 Commonwealth Games but had to stepped down when she withdrew from the competition.



Throughout her career, Sivasangari received unwavering support from her family. Her parents Valli Nagappan and Subramaniam Kaniappan were even present at her graduation from Cornell. Not to mention, she also got her start in squash alongside her older brother! 



Sivasangari has not only stolen the hearts of Malaysian fans but also the stages at major sporting competitions. She bagged gold at the 2017 SEA Games. Then, she went on to win silver at the 2018 Asian Games, falling to Datuk Nicol David in the finals. At the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, Sivasangari reigned champion in the women’s singles competition and the team event alongside teammates Aira binti Azman, Rachel Mae Arnold, and Aifa binti Azman. 



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