Robert Pattinson to play Batman, a petition to remake GoT’s final season and more


By Su Fen Tan

Robert Pattinson to play Batman, a petition to remake GoT’s final season and more

Yuna drops her latest single ‘Blank Marquee’ along with a release date for her upcoming album

Continuing to put Malaysia on the map, Yuna drops her latest single with yet another made-in-Malaysia production. Once again shot by her partner in crime Adam Sinclair, the stylised MV takes place across several familiar locations in Kuala Lumpur, with appearances by actor Amerul Affendi, model Atikah Karim, the dancers who appeared in ‘Forevermore’, and of course G-Eazy himself. ‘Blank Marquee’ marks the second time the American rapper has collaborated with Yuna.

Fans of the homegrown songbird will also be glad to know that the wait for her new body of work is almost over. Titled Rouge, her seventh studio album will be out on 12 July—save the date! It is now available for pre-orders here.



Grumpy Cat has passed away

The internet-famous feline known for her permanent scowl has died on Tuesday following complications from a recent urinary tract infection. She was seven. The Grumpy Cat, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, went viral back in 2012 after a photo of her grouchy expression—the result of an underbite and feline dwarfism—emerged online. She has since been a favourite meme subject for many and has even travelled the world making television and public appearances. “Besides being our baby and a cherished member of the family, Grumpy Cat has helped millions of people smile all around the world—even when times were tough,” wrote Grumpy’s family in a statement. She will be missed.



There’s a petition calling for a remake of Game of Thrones‘ final season

We’re just one episode away from the end of what has to be one of the biggest TV series of our time—safe to say the final season hasn’t been going down so well a bulk of the fans and critics, drawing criticisms for sloppy writing and rusty storyline payoffs. One fan has even created a petition online calling for a remake of the season with competent writers, saying the hit series “deserves a final season that makes sense”. Little did Dylan D. know, his petition would go viral—it has drawn over 1 million signatures so far. While it is highly unlikely a remake would actually happen, at least his—as well as the throng of other petition signers’—message of disappointment is sent across.


Robert Pattinson could very well be the next Batman

The next Batman film is scheduled for a 2021 release, and the top choices to play the caped crusader reportedly include Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult—with the former allegedly at the end stages of discussions to take on the role. Pre-production of the film is expected to start this summer, with Matt Reeves in the director’s chair. What do you think of this casting—yay, nay, or couldn’t care less? Take a vote in the poll below:

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