Buro Tries: Pottery at Life Ceramics

Achieving clay-rity


By Rachel Au

Buro Tries: Pottery at Life Ceramics

Pottery has always been on our bucket list when we first introduced Buro Tries but many of the local studios offer full-fledged courses by the levels, and which would require several weeks to complete (read: master). A few weeks ago, we stumbled upon Life Ceramics and one of their offerings is called Discovery Class—essentially a one-hour introduction to pottery class. 

The store is part ceramics studio, part cafe, and part yoga studio. Hence, it’s a nice little sanctuary hidden within Glo Damansara. When we arrived, co-founder and instructor Stephanie Hii was all smiles, warm and welcoming. We jumped right into it, grabbing our work aprons and two blocks of clay each. What happened next? Watch the video below to find out: 

Life Ceramics is located on Level 3, Glo Damansara Mall. For more info on their Discovery Class (RM100 for one hour) and other pottery courses, visit their website or Facebook.

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