Pantone goes green for 2017

Colour of the Year


By Buro247

Pantone goes green for 2017

Every year, Pantone proposes a symbolic colour selection as the Pantone Colour of the Year. It serves as a chromatic snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture—the underlying mood and attitude. 

As most of the world stands on shaky ground as it steps into 2017, the bright hue is a decidedly optimistic pick. Their hope: 2017 will flourish with ‘Greenery’ (15-0343 TCX). 

According to Pantone, Greenery is evocative of the start of Spring and signifies a renewal. Its “fortifying attributes signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.” Greenery has always been present on a peripheral level—in the natural world that surrounds our urban landscape—but now, Pantone is pulling it to the forefront.

“Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment. Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose,” offers Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute. 


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