You can now see the haunting underwater figures in Gili Island

Snorkelling delight


By Gwen Ong

You can now see the haunting underwater figures in Gili Island

Jason deCaires Taylor has done it again! Following his breath-taking underwater museum in the Atlantic Ocean, the artist has installed ‘Nest’—a sculpture featuring 48 life-sized human figures.


Set in Gili Meno – one of the three Gili Islands located between Bali and Lombok, ‘Nest’ is commissioned by Bask, a luxury resort developer, and it marks Jason’s first work in the Asiatic region. ‘Nest’ sits in just four metres of water, as such the shallow depth and excellent visibility makes it an ideal installation for snorkelling. 

‘Nest’, which is open to the public for viewing, will function as a new habitat space, acting as a nucleus of protection and support to the underwater life. “The circular formation is meant to evoke time and continuum, an echo of the circle of life,” reads the press statement.  


Each interlocking figure situated upon the edges of the reef in a nutrient rich current offers a platform for soft corals, sponges and other filter feeding organisms to colonise and inhabit. It also serves as a reminder of our connectivity to the marine environment. In time ‘Nest’ will be a complex symbiotic artwork and an invaluable space for life to thrive as the marine takes hold and creates layers of marine biomass.


To see more of Jason Decaires Taylor’s work, click here


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