#MondayMontage: Travel to Australia

A glimpse of wonder


By Buro247

#MondayMontage: Travel to Australia

Capturing stunning views of Australia through their lenses, these Australia-based photographers take each shot in their own personal style. From captivating colours to the graceful fine lines of architecture, expect to find subtle nuances that makes the country so fascinating. 


1. Rob Mulally

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Rob shows us breathtaking views of landscape and nature on his account. Be amazed by the many shades of colour that the sky or mountains have in his photos. Rob also captures light and shadows perfectly in his incredible snaps. His Instagram account will surely intrigue its viewer to visit these places. 


2. Noah Stammbach

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Colours pop right out of the screen in Noah’s photos of nature. From the contrasting colours of nature to beautiful shots of the ocean, the simplicity of his photos will make its viewers feel a quiet calm. This is a nice account to look at when you are yearning for a touch of nature.


3. Demas Rusli

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Based in Sydney, Demas captures the delicate finesse of Sydney’s finest architecture. Find curved and straight lines that fill each frame artfully on his Instagram account. Also, many shots of winding staircases that will inspire the creativity of architects. We love the monochrome hues of his photography.

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