#MondayMontage: The wonders of nature

A calming effect


By Buro247

#MondayMontage: The wonders of nature

These Instagram accounts that capture the wonders of nature in all its glory will certainly give you the calming effect. Look at these accounts on your desktop or scroll through them on your smart phone to find your zen during a hectic workday. 


1. Kyle Kuiper

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This San Diego-based photographer has traveled the world to take the most stunning photos from up high. Kyle Kuiper’s signature is his wonderful aerial shots that presents a bird’s eye view of natural landscapes. We love how he is able to capture the different facets of water in his photos — both in its ferocity and in its tranquility. 


2. Jimmy Chin

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Jimmy Chin is a photographer, documentary filmmaker, professional climber and a veteran of The North Face Athlete Team. His photos have won numerous awards and have been featured on the cover of National Geographic. Find magnificent photos of mountains (sometimes hidden behind clouds) on his Instagram that will inspire a sense of adventure in you. 


3. Alex Strohl

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This French photographer’s Instagram account is unique as he often captures isolated man-made structures on wide landscapes. His photos will definitely feel at peace through his use of wide shots that capture the stillness of nature. 

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