#MondayMontage: Sweet like candy

Toothache inducing


By Buro247

#MondayMontage: Sweet like candy

From cartoon-shaped cookies to donuts and waffles and every dessert you can possibly throw icing on, these Instagram accounts are so adorable and sweet, you’ll get diabetes just scrolling through them. 


1. Vickie Liu

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Vickie calls herself an amateur baker but her Instagram account proves otherwise. Find immaculately decorated and adorably shaped sugar cookies on her feed that demonstrates her mastery from cookies decorated to match iconic landmarks to cookies that suit any adorable party theme. Also on her feed are beautifully decorated donuts that look like abstract painting. 


2. Brittni Mehlhoff

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Cue donut ice cream sandwiches and thin waffle marshmallow sandwiches, craft stylist Brittni, presents us with the many ways of making dessert sandwiches on her Instagram. Her feed will excite any waffle lover as her pictures will inspire you with the many ways of decorating (and eating) your waffles. 


3. Sprinkles for Breakfast

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Lindsay, a baking blogger, shows us her creative creations on her Instagram account. Her use of bright colours and sprinkles (on everything) makes her baked treats look so wonderfully sweet and vibrant, it will surely transport you to your childhood dream of eating sprinkles all day long. 

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