#MondayMontage: Simple recipes

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By Buro247

#MondayMontage: Simple recipes

These simple recipe accounts on Instagram are really useful if you are thinking of whipping up something fast and easy. Seasoned cooks will appreciate the creativity of these Instagrammers while amateur cooks can learn some nifty cooking methods from these accounts. They are also perfect if you are looking at cooking to impress, as each dish include vibrant ingredients that look as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. 


1. Jo Cooks

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Jo is a former software developer whose love for cooking inspired her to share her recipes online as a full time job. Her Romanian heritage influences her hearty recipes and she hopes that through her recipes, more foodies will learn to appreciate Romanian cuisine. However, expect to find plenty of international dishes on her feed as well as she also enjoys trying and reinterpreting cuisines from all over the world. 


2. Recipe Tin

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Created by Nagi, an Japanese-Australian who has travelled the wold from Europe to the Middle East, across Asia and to the US. Her recipes are influenced by vibrant and delicious flavours that she experienced on her travels. Bring a firm believer of using fresh ingredients and being creative in the way you cook, expect to find interesting and innovative recipes from this Instagram account. 


3. Comfort of Cooking

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Georgia Johnson is a food writer and recipe developer who designs classic comfort food recipes with a twist. We love her account because Georgia believes that recipes should be fuss-free, family friendly and plain delicious. Her use of using simple ingredients to make dishes that explode with flavour is truly inspiring.

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