#MondayMontage: KL cafe hoppers

Monochrome wonders


By Buro247

#MondayMontage: KL cafe hoppers

For Sher Reen, Nadia, and Charlene, their passion for mobile photography is so strong that they wish to share their knowledge with their amassing followers, which combined, amounts to more than 200k. Periodically, the three of them will conduct workshops on mobile photography for their followers who want to make cafe hopping into a work of art like they have done. 


1. Sher Reen

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In her perfectly arranged shots, what makes Sher Reen’s Instagram stand out is her use of earthy tones. The many shades of green and brown really brings each frame to life. She also takes beautiful shots of walls and texture that is an art of its own. 


2. Nadia Fauzi

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Nadia’s Instagram features the same top-view shots of food as the other two cafe hoppers. However, what makes her account stand out is her shots of local food in this angle. Who knew that photos of simple local dishes can be constructed so creatively?


3. Charlene

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The one word to describe Charlene’s photos is ‘bright’, but never in a bad way. Each photo allows light into the lenses which makes for sharp and clear images. When there are colours other than white in her photos, the colours really pop and make her photos look beautiful. This is not to say that she can’t make white on white look equally good.