#MondayMontage: Bento Art

Too cute to eat


By Buro247

#MondayMontage: Bento Art

Bento (the Japanese term for lunch boxes) art began with mothers trying to convince their children to eat their food. But now it has become more than that — it is a celebrated art form, making its appearance on television and in cookbooks. Instead of limiting themselves to the traditional items in a bento box, which consists of rice combined with a few dishes, bento artists have started making breads and cakes that are equally creative and adorable. We’ve compiled 3 Instagram accounts that display cute and intricate bento art you can draw inspiration from when you pack your lunch, or simply just admire. 


1. Bento Monsters

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Named after her 2 sons, this Instagram user showcases the bento boxes that she prepares for them. Her bento boxes feature popular and up-to-date cartoon characters. 


2. Little Miss Bento

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Little Miss Bento is a cookbook author who started making bento art since 2011. Being a huge fan of Japanese culture, Japanese cartoon characters remain a recurring theme in her bento art. 


3. Bento Days

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Another mother who makes bento boxes for her children, Jean of Bento Days draws inspiration from famous children’s books and classic cartoon characters that will appeal to children. We love how she manages to put adorable fixtures even on bowls of noodles.

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