Moët & Chandon unveils the 2018 Rosé Capsule Collection

A playful catwalk of roses


By Rachel Au

Moët & Chandon unveils the 2018 Rosé Capsule Collection

Champagne was the only wine that leaves a woman beautiful after drinking.” Those were the words once uttered by a Madame de Pompadour, the 18th century “It Girl” who declared the success of Moët & Chandon at the French Royal Court. She was King Louis XV’s most powerful confidante. She was a true tastemaker in arts, literature, interior design and style, influencing her royal entourage (and beyond), and making Paris the European capital of taste and culture. For that, it’s more than deserving that the French champagne house decided to pay tribute to her with the 2018 Rosé Capsule Collection. 

moet imperial 2018 rose capsule collection

The audacious limited edition 75cl bottle features a design offering a peek into the extravagant courts’ times that once were but with a contemporary style – imagine it as the scene of a royal masquerade ball. While the bottle is undeniably attractive, so is the elixir that is dressed in a radiant quartz pantone within. Expect a generous and bewitching bouquet of roses on the palate – intense, fruity and seductive. Above all, romantic. 

The Moët & Chandon 2018 Rosé Capsule Collection is now available at B.I.G, Village Grocer and Wines Specialist Store. 

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