Miu Miu launches the all-new Miu Miusic app

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By Buro247

Miu Miu launches the all-new Miu Miusic app

Delve into the shape-shifting world of Miu Miu with the fashionable, new app that allows you to personalise your own music videos: the Miu Miusic app. Other than the fact that the app has a pretty adorable name, Miu Miusic aims to let users create their own versions of the Miu Miu universe through visual and musical identities.

The app allows users to create customised videos by combining tracks composed exclusively for Miu Miu by DJ Frederic Sanchez. Paired with original graphics inspired by the fashion house’s latest collections, the app thus creates videos that are unique and different each time. All you have to do is select a tune, then select a mood to follow. These personalised videos can then be saved onto your mobile devices and shared on social media platforms.

Intrigued? Try it out for yourself! The Miu Miusic app is available free-of-charge at the Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

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