Merdeka Yacht Fiesta 2015

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Merdeka Yacht Fiesta 2015
Simpson Marine recently hosted the Merdeka Yacht Fiesta that showcased a range of 16 luxury yachts including the debut of the Monte Carlo Yachts 70.

The Admiral Marina Leisure Club in Port Dickson was bustling with activity from 29—31 August and the highlight was the award-winning Monte Carlo Yachts 70. Holding a key position within the range, the Monte Carlo Yachts 70 confirms the brand’s concept with its high, flared and slim-line bow and lines that will make it feel at ease in a shimmering, calm Mediterranean bay and out crossing the ocean.

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Besides the fleet of luxury yachts, the even was also complemented by various exhibitors from luxury cars and bikes to waterfront property, boutique wines, and more. Guests were treated to exclusive evening cocktails and were invited to experience cruising on the Monte Carlo Yachts 70 and Monte Carlo 4.

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Prior to the cruise, Johnnie Walker & Sons hosted a whiskey tasting session on board one of the yachts for whiskey aficionados. Other activities offered to the yachting community were remote control sailing competitions and the opportunity to sail a 7-metre sailing yacht firsthand.

Rachel Ong

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