Lovesprk: Your very own dating concierge

Lovesprk: Your very own dating concierge

Effortless romance

A perfect date experience is right at your fingertips with Lovesprk, Malaysia’s first date concierge portal.

Planning a unique and personalised date can be very intimidating and time consuming. Researching, making reservations, and buying tickets can be so stressful and confusing that most of us just give up along the way, compromising the romance in our relationships. At Lovesprk, they believe that a great date will spark something magical in a relationship that is essential for lasting love. That is why they will take care of the nitty gritty parts of a perfect date and all you have to do is show up to enjoy the company of your date. 


A typical Lovesprk date could consist of a couples spa followed by a candlelight dinner for two, or a private Argentinian tango class followed by a foot massage. Don’t feel like driving? Lovesprk can even arrange for a chauffeur driven car for the night. The possibility is endless and all you have to do is to make an appointment with their Date Consultants to build your perfect date from scratch. If you are just looking for a simple date and are open to ideas, you can always pick and buy any one of the existing date ideas on their website. 


Lovesprk will be hosting a Lovesprk Festival on 10 October in Singapore in conjunction with their launch there. For information on Lovesprk and the upcoming event, visit