It’s ‘Calvin Klein or nothing at all’, confess these stars

An intimate look


By Gwen Ong

It’s ‘Calvin Klein or nothing at all’, confess these stars

Celebrated director Sofia Coppola has a brand of storytelling and film-making that conveys a poetic seductiveness and visual flair. There’s a certain elegant aesthetic to her direction. From her debut movie, The Virgin Suicides to later cult favourite, Lost In Translation, she has an uncanny ability to bring out her characters and get us hooked on a series of unique, deeply atmospheric films filled with captivating dialogues. As evidently showcased in her latest ‘Calvin Klein or nothing at all’ project.

For Calvin Klein’s Spring 2017 women underwear campaign, Sofia has beautifully captured a star-studded cast in a series of playful, sexy moments befitting of the brand’s storied tradition of scantily clad iconography. The likes of Lauren Hutton to Rashida Jones, Maya Hawke, Chase Sui Wonders, Nathalie Love, Laura Harrier and Kirsten Dunst share memories of first crush and first kiss in a retelling of the innocence of youth.


“I just put together some of my favourite girls,” Sofia says, “and I thought it was so cool to see women from 18 to 70 in this playful, sexy way.”


It was perhaps a different creative avenue for Sofia to portray women, another dimension in presenting these ladies in their most intimate through a female gaze. “I’ve really appreciated doing the opposite of a lot of lingerie ads we see,” she says. “I wanted cool, smart women. And I was very proud that we had two Harvard graduates in our group. They have real bodies. And I think they relate to me, and to the camera, in a different way – they’re not so much like goddesses; they’re more approachable.”


Press play to watch the Sofia Coppola-directed ‘Calvin Klein or nothing at all’ series of short interviews below to hear what the ladies have to say:


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