It’s a new era: Design Hotel’s ’Generation Next’ hoteliers

A mix of courage and originality


By Buro247

It’s a new era: Design Hotel’s ’Generation Next’ hoteliers

From the whimsical designer Fady Sachem to the devoted general manager Daniel Entenberg, and the creative Kasemtham Sornsong, these young visionaries are reshaping the face of hospitality in different ends of the world with their fresh and innovative ideas. 


1. Kasemtham Sornsong – Thailand

Owner of The Library, located at the beautiful Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui, Kasemtham’s story begins with his parents’ humble beachside restaurant that consisted of 12 simple huts on Koh Samui. After graduating from university, Kasemtham returned home and transformed the property into a lush, minimalist resort. His inspiration came from the desire to leave his guests with stories of their stay that will capture the joy that they felt on the island. With the help of designer Tirawan Songsawat, Kasemtham created an elegant resort surrounded by expansive grounds that provide guests with space to grow and create, much like a blank page for them to write their own story. Thanks to Kasemtham’s youthful energy and pioneering design, The Library remains at the forefront of luxurious hospitality in the area.


2. Fady Hachem – Australia

The renovation of the 32-room Adelphi Hotel in Melbourne catapulted Fady to international acclaim where together with owners Dion Chandler and Ozzie Kheir, he decided to go against the standard minimalist design that defined Australian hotel designs. The iconic hotel was transformed into an incredibly imaginative world with bright bursts of kaleidoscopic colours, whacky shapes, and delectable experiences. His whimsical vision and his inclusive design philosophy is reflected in the dessert-inspired aesthetics of the Adelphi Hotel. Guests will be able to experience a full-sensory stay with the bold use of contrasting colours, fabrics, textures, and witty details in the design such as the “liquorice all sorts” chairs. 


3. Daniel Entenberg – USA

Brooklyn born and bred, Daniel studied Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management at Pennsylvania State University before working his way up in some of America’s best hotels. After which, he returned to New York and took up the mantle at Gramercy Park Hotel in 2013. Adopting a modern management approach, Daniel immerses himself into every aspect of hotel life and even takes it to the extreme by ensuring he smells like the hotel by using Gramercy Park Hotel’s signature Le Labo amenities. Daniel understands that luxury-hospitality is of the utmost importance and works to create a meaningful relationship between the hotel and the local community to give guests an authentic local experience. 

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