Bring clean minimalism to your home with contemporary pieces from King Living

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By Sarah Hani Jamil

Bring clean minimalism to your home with contemporary pieces from King Living

Haven, refuge, sanctuary—our homes have played a bigger role in our lives than ever before in the pandemic as we isolated ourselves from the outside world and the coronavirus. In doing so, many have adjusted the space they live in to better serve their lifestyle needs.

The aesthetics of your home and the environment you surround yourself with have a huge impact on your productivity and overall well-being. Comfort, versatility, and practicality should be the main factors to consider when it comes to interior design, a concept that David King, Founder of King Living emphasises on.

Established over 40 years ago, the globally-renowned Australian furniture label champions flexibility, authenticity and sustainability while paying homage to its rich history. “We deliberately avoid unnecessary ornamentation. We like to keep a clean aesthetic to our furniture so that our product will stand the test of time. In fact, a lot of the products we made in the ‘70s and ‘80s still look good today,” says David.

Embracing elegance

The minimalist style of interior design is timeless and an easy way of creating an inviting home without the extra frills. Think strong architecture, a warm and muted colour palette, clean lines, and a modern space that’s on-trend and practical. Featuring an iconic pared-back aesthetic while highlighting quality and flexibility, King Living is always a step ahead in innovative design and longevity. A testament to an unwavering focus on sustainability and durability, the brand offers the ability to re-cover its sofas, breathing new life into much-loved family furniture.

Australian design since 1977 from King Living on Vimeo.

Below, find four ways to bring the minimalism of King Living into your home:

Jasper Sofa

This luxurious piece is Australia’s most-awarded modular sofa and is synonymous with legendary comfort. Adapting to different lifestyles seamlessly, its seats, arms, backs and shelves can be reconfigured into different settings, including a guest bed. There are 40 signature leather colours to choose from, sourced from leading tanneries in Italy and Germany, to match your personal taste and room aesthetic. Meanwhile, cushions are customised to your comfort and posture needs with the choice of feather or memory foam.

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King Cloud V Recliner

Experience the magic of the cinema in your home with this theatre-style seat that offers tailored reclining at your fingertips. Designed with TouchGlide™ technology, which offers precise gesture control of the footrest, headrest and seat, enjoy watching movies like never before at home! Optional smart accessories integrated with surround sound capabilities are also available for you to enjoy.

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Sleep+ Mattress

This mattress is designed for maximum comfort as every layer stretches and conforms to each unique human body, creating a hammock-like effect that provides the ultimate support and relaxation. Components inside the mattress can be customised and changed whenever required to match your sleeping preference. For those who are prone to asthma and allergies, rest assured that you are well thought of as the Sleep+ is Sensitive Choice-approved, meaning that it’s safe for use by all. Engineered for maximum breathability, you can easily maintain a fresh and healthy mattress for many years to come!

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Zaza Sofa

Designed with the quintessential Australian style in mind, this piece, developed in collaboration with acclaimed designer Charles Wilson, features organic lines and a relaxed tailored finish. The deep and spacious seats invite you in to unwind, while the sleigh legs and distinct edge stitching offer refinement and elegance.

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