#InstaLove: Rainbow sushi that is both pretty and healthy



By Rachel Au

#InstaLove: Rainbow sushi that is both pretty and healthy

Almost everything comes in rainbow shades these days—Coachella’s mouth-watering lineup (of food stalls) this year was proof enough. The latest food to hop on the rainbow train is none other than everyone’s favourite sushi and it’s rapidly trending on Instagram as food artists and bloggers create their own take of the “Rainbow Unicorn Sushi” (also known as “Mermaid Sushi”). 


The good news is that it’s completely healthy as the rainbow element gets its colours from natural powders such as spirulina, matcha, maqui, turmeric and beet powder, according to food blogger @elsas_wholelife. 


@theindigokitchen, who is another food blogger, uses slightly different ingredients—though still completely natural—for some of the colours such as gochujang for orange, purple cabbage for purple itself but added baking powder to get blue. You can get the full recipe on his website.

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You can also take its nutritional value a notch higher by swapping your sushi fillings with vegan favourites such as roasted sweet potato, tempeh, tofu, hummus and asparagus (the two is supposedly a strange but delicious combination, according to @theindigokitchen). 

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Guess we know what’s the weekend plan now? 

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