#InstaLove: More adorable cat Instagram accounts you should follow right now


By Tammy Chan

#InstaLove: More adorable cat Instagram accounts you should follow right now

It’s International Cat Day today and in honour of the occasion, we’ll be updating our old list of best cat accounts to follow on Instagram. So get your thumbs ready ’cause we’re bringing you on a following spree!


Instagram @smoothiethecat

Smoothie is a golden-shaded British Longhair that weighs only 2.6kg! Deemed “Queen of fluff”, this furry kitty with striking emerald green eyes (who was born on April Fools Day) has over two million followers on Instagram. She has a brother named Milkshake and they both live in The Netherlands.



Instagram @white_coffee_cat

Mr. White (aka Coffee) is a four-year-old British Shorthair cat from California and a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with lymphoma back in 2016. Fortunately, after a year of chemotheraphy treatments and follow up care, he was finally cancer-free. One look at Mr. White’s feed and you’ll recognise his other ‘sibling’, Nala, who is one hell of a cat influencer herself.


Instagram @venustwofacecat

If it wasn’t already clear from her username, Venus is a Pisces Tortoiseshell cat whose face is half black with a green eye and half orange with a blue eye. Despite being an internet sensation thanks to her unique markings, Venus is just an ordinary cat who likes to snuggle on her human’s lap.



Instagram @cobythecat

Coby (named after his cobalt blue eyes) is a four-year-old silver-shaded British Shorthair who enjoys canned tuna and long walks on the countertops. Besides that, Coby admits to being playful, sassy and affectionate on his website. Other hobbies include: snuggling, stealing the covers and playing hide and seek.



Instagram @hosico_cat

Hosico (Japanese for ‘Star Child’) is a gorgeous male gold Scottish Straight cat from Russia who is known for his fluffy cheeks According to his Facebook profile, Hosico is very shy, loves boxes and his favourite toy is a little black rope. Best part about being a bona fide Insta-star? He has his own line of plush toys, pillows and t-shirts!



Instagram @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

Hamilton is a rescue kitty adopted from the Humane Society in Silicon Valley. While his perfect mustache (which are real btw) catapulted him to fame, Hamilton (aka Hammy) was never comfortable around strangers due to him being a feral. That being said, he and his owner are now inseparable.



Instagram @lilbunnysueroux

Meet Roux, a sweetheart who still lives life to the fullest despite being born without her front legs due to a congenital abnormality. According to her owner, she walks like a kangaroo and hops like a rabbit. There are plenty of videos on her profile that’ll put a smile on your face if you’re going through a long day.



Instagram @smushofficial

Described as a sassy ginger kitten, Smush was born in late 2017 with several genetic abnormalities and a cleft lip. Her bad luck didn’t end there as she was later found abandoned at only 10-days-old while suffering from an upper respiratory infection and a severe case of ringworm. As luck would have it, she got saved in time and has now found a place to call home.



Did you know? This Swedish blue-eyed bi-colour Ragdoll has more followers than the Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Crown Princess Victoria combined! Named after sleeping beauty, Aurora loves being extra with crystal tiaras, flower headbands and sparkling tutus. Oh, she also enjoys being pampered. A true princess indeed!


Instagram @lyo.thecat

From one pretty kitty to another, Lyo is another British Shorthair on our list that deserves your follow. He lives with his two siblings, Mila & Ivy in Italy and they frequently engaged in photo shoots and cuddles (see our main picture at the beginning of the article).


Instagram @leo.mainecoon

Now this profile belongs to Leonidas and his younger brother Orion. Known for his sense of style, Leo is a Maine Coon living in the windy city of Chicago. He can usually be seen sporting a flower crown, a bow tie or occasionally, a bandana. Orion, on the other hand, is the family’s Bengal who loves to eat and steal treats.


Instagram @pechanko_bocco

We really did save the best for last. Introducing Zuu, 2019’s newest Instagram star! An Exotic Longhair cat, the internet is clearly obsessed with him due to his unique and adorable chin that looks like he’s constantly yelling or just tired of everyone’s s***. Some are even calling him the next Grumpy Cat. Too soon?

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