#InstaLove: Life in London

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By Rachel Au

#InstaLove: Life in London

London Fashion Week is upon us and while not all of us can zip to the capital of England (Editor-in-Chief Cai Mei will be at LFW though—you can follow her updates at @caimei.k), we could, however, depend on #Instagram to take us on a quick virtual trip. These are some of the coolest Instagram accounts to follow for a taste of the fresh London air as well as a future reference of where to go and eat on your next flight there. 



There’s so much to love about @siobhaise‘s Instagram feed; whether it’s the hidden gems she discovered on a walk, the quaint coloured doors of houses that would otherwise be unnoticed by a common passerby or the prettiest cafes that serve the most delicious-yet-healthy-looking food. They’re all peppered with soft feminine hues that paint London as the elegant, English city it is.

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Being at the top might feel a little lonely but it certainly offers an amazing view—if you know where to go and Michael of @londonviewpoints particularly seeks spots with the best skyline scene for a picture perfect photo. 

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What is life in London like for a fashion blogger slash fashion stylist? Something that resembles @isabellath‘s Instagram profile. Expect dreamy pictures of London city, minimalistic outfit ensembles, gorgeous flowers at the florists, and of course, a few shopping hauls. 

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