#InstaLove: Hot dudes with kittens

The purr-fect combination


By Rachel Au

#InstaLove: Hot dudes with kittens

Whether it’s after a long day or in between stressful assignments, Instagram has become a place to not only seek inspiration but also serves as a quick escape from reality. As much as we love sweet pastels and pretty flowers, nothing defines ‘eye candy’ like hot dudes or cats—or both put together. 



First on this list is of course the Instagram account that started the whole craze after going viral at the start of 2016! Now at 148k followers, you can expect them to update quite regularly. However, just a quick scroll on their feed shows that the majority of submissions picked to be featured are also hot dudes with tattoos compared to the next two accounts below. All feline featured looked absolutely fine. 

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The name ‘Men and Meows’ has a nice ring to it and it is also a younger and less active Instagram account, having only posted the first photo six weeks ago (@hotdudeswithkittens started 58 weeks ago at the time this is being written). Even so, it’s one Insta-worthy account; especially if you love a guy with amazing abs. All feline featured here also looked absolutely fine.

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As the name suggests, this Instagram account features guys with more boyish features and a few beardy ones here and there. So it really depends on what type of guys you like. As for the featured feline, they all looked absolutely fine as well. 

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