#InstaLove: Flat lays of food

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By Rachel Au

#InstaLove: Flat lays of food

Can we all agree that food has the power to connect people? Even just a tantalising picture of it could do wonders and sometimes, it’s amazing how one person attempting to take an #instafood shot could easily attain both cooperation (Can you please pose like you’re taking a slice of the pizza) and understanding (Wait! Don’t eat it yet. Let me take a picture first) from his or her tablemates (granted, it’s not always without some disgruntlement). Whether you enjoy a slew of gorgeous food photos on your feed or looking for inspiration for your own, these Instagram accounts have completely mastered the art of taking flat lay pictures of food. 



A design and travel creative from Sydney, Tara (or so we presume is her name) takes beautiful, dreamy photos of almost everything. With a soft focus and a slight warm undertone as her editing style, and a unique composition and fun styling of the food itself, you won’t be able to stop scrolling (and double tapping) on her profile page.

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Also hailing from Sydney, Yan sports a cooler and cleaner touch to her pictures, favouring balance, round tables and patterned tiles. Another noticeable trick to learn from her food shots is to include some form of human element into it; be it a hand lifting a spoon or posing your legs next to the table-or both. 

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Compared to Tara and Yan, food stylist and cook Laura Lopez’s food photos look more like an explosion of colours and ingredients filling up the whole frame-in an artistic way, of course. One thing’s for sure, it’s not just photography tricks you’ll be stealing from her feed but also some cooking inspiration.  

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