#InstaLove: Coffee in a cone is world’s most Instagrammed coffee



By Rachel Au

#InstaLove: Coffee in a cone is world’s most Instagrammed coffee

When it comes to Instagram, innovative and new forms of food trends are sure to be an instant hit, like the recent avocado roses. Now, the next #InstaLove is #coffeeinacone created by Dayne Levinrad of Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa. The object in question is basically coffee served in an ice cream cone coated with chocolate. 

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Coffee in a cone was launched in January and has since reached nearly one million images with the hashtag around the world, as claimed by Levinrad; adding that it’s the world’s most Instagrammed coffee. The idea may be innovative and it may look simple, but its creation process was less than easy. 



After working as a coffee consultant in Brazil, Australia and Los Angeles, Levinrad returned home to Johannesburg and wanted to do something different. With the inspiration that people love ice cream, coffee and chocolate, he tried to combine all three at once. But as initial experiments showed, it wasn’t as simple as just pouring coffee into a wafer cone lined with chocolate—the wafer was too thin, the chocolate melted too fast and the coffee would eventually leak through. 


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Levinrad eventually discovered the trick by using four different chocolate compounds to coat the cone, each hardened by varying percentages of cacao content. While this is by far the most optimal setting, customers only have ten minutes to drink the #coffeeinacone before it melts the chocolate layers and leaks from the cone. 



“Now we’ve got the whole thing under patent,” says Levinrad, “it’s a very arduous process.” Well, anything for food and Instagram, right? However, Johannesburg’s The Grind Company isn’t the only place that serves #coffeeinacone—Alfred Coffee & Kitchen and Zia Valentina, both in Los Angeles have a slightly similar version although the former actually uses the cones from the latter, and calls them waffle cups instead of cones. 


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