Ikea introduces its first 3D-knitted furniture

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By Gwen Ong

Ikea introduces its first 3D-knitted furniture

The PS collection from Ikea is a collection that focuses on new techniques and experimentation with materials and sustainability. So it’s no surprises then that the latest experiment is in the form of 3D-knitting.

Ikea’s 3D-knitted lightweight chair features a mesh back and sides stretched across a powder-coated steel frame. Using a digital knitting process that is more common in the footwear industry (hello Nike Flyknit!), the stretchy fabric mimics the comfort of a hammock and is designed to be semi-transparent and lightweight. Ikea has reported that 3D-knitting produces durable furniture that are able to withstand years of wear and tear as well as regular stretching.

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Though high-end design firms have begun experimenting with 3D knit fabrics, Ikea is thought to be among the first to introduce the process on a global scale through its PS armchair. The Ikea 3D machine itself is able to knit with wool, linen, cotton and polyester.

The Ikea PS armchair is available in pink or grey with a white or black frame and will be out in 2017. 


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