ICYMI: What you missed from BURO Hangouts


By Redzhanna Jazmin

ICYMI: What you missed from BURO Hangouts

It’s no secret that most people would rather be hanging with their pals than abiding to this whole #MCO business, but that we are also all sucking it up and sticking to it because we all value each other and our vulnerable communities. That said, just because it’s for the greater good, doesn’t mean that it isn’t sometimes lonely and insanity-inducing to be holed up at home.

So, to spread some love and joy, we put together a little virtual event on Friday along with BURO Singapore and our Friends of BURO to entertain you in this trying time. Behold: BURO Hangouts!

We had 10 incredible acts, spread across four rooms for your perusal: Get Moving for our fitness sessions, Laugh Out Loud for our stand-up sessions, Be Still for relaxation and unwinding and This Sounds Like for all things tunes.

A special shoutout to La Juiceria Superfoods—thanks for sending our hosts some healthy lunch for the big day! Now, onto the event recap:

Maggy Wang’s Animal Flow class

Working out in times like these seems like an impossible feat, but thanks to Maggy Wang we finally got a grip and got to work. The content creator and fitness mogul took to the (virtual) stage with a killer session of Animal Flow from her fitness studio’s roster. The equipment-free workout was the perfect start to our Friday, getting us warmed up, increasing our mobility and keeping us in shape. Follow the whole session above—and, if it wasn’t quite enough heat for you, the team behind Motion Lab (aka Maggy and her Head Coach Joseph Lee) have been going hard at it with the IG Live workouts and free workout programmes in their newsletters to keep you all fit.

Kuah Jenhan’s standup routine

Things are bleak, but there’s no better medicine than the gift of laughter. Lucky for us, Kuah Jenhan was here to deliver on just that. The popular Malaysian comedian delighted us all with his quick quips and one-liners (and so much more), and it turns out that comedy is a dish much better served in the comfort of your home, no? Laugh along to his session above or check out his Instagram for more!

Datin Dian Lee does meditation

We unwound with multitalented #BossGirl Dian Lee on Friday afternoon with her tantalising meditation session. We were whisked away by her velvet voice to better places and mind spaces as a thunderstorm rolled on in the background (the *ambience* could not be more on-point). You can watch the session again above, but if just one day of professional de-stressing isn’t enough, Dian is doing an IG Live meditation session every night—follow her on Instagram to get her full schedule!

SonaOne serenades us all

The Pahang-born singer-songwriter and rapper took us through his journey as an artist so far and gave us a real show on Friday, kicking things off with his hit No More and playing other favourites such as Redrum, Cold, I Don’t Care and, of course, his new single Bomba. Whether it was in Malay, English or French, SonaOne was there to please—all in all, a great time! Relive the session in full with the video above.

And there you have it—the full lineup of Malaysian artists from the event! Did you tune in last Friday?

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