Harry Styles drank sperm on TV, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas to produce new series


By Ronn Tan

Harry Styles drank sperm on TV, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas to produce new series

Hello pop culture junkies! Welcome back to another edition of Pop Culture Catch-Up as we discuss the biggest news of the week in the entertainment circle. This week’s headlines include: Harry Styles’ sperm-consuming moment, Priyanka and Nick Jonas’ latest project and Zee Avi’s new song with Novartis Malaysia. Now on to the top trending news!

Did Harry Styles actually drink sperm?

The answer is a weird yes! However, if this makes anyone feel better—Harry had cod sperm and that’s probably not as gross as what you had in mind. But why would the Sign of the Times singer even consume cod sperm in the first place? Well, to avoid answering a question from Kendall Jenner about Kendall herself. Talk about a sticky situation!

The former couple were on The Late Late Show‘s “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” segment when this exchange happened. If you aren’t familiar with the game, celebrities are usually given a variety of unappetising delicacies and a set of personal questions. The only way they can avoid eating them is by answering the questions. Harry, who guest-hosted the episode, drank the sperm when Kendall asked him the following: “Which songs on your last album were about me?”. Spit or swallow? He went for the former.

Would you feel awkward when placed in the same room as an ex? It seems like Harry and Kendall have both moved on from their past. You can watch the entire section in the video above.

Priyanka and Nicks’ new series with Amazon

The power couple are collaborating with Amazon Studios to produce a television show based on their wedding. The unscripted series which will be executive produced by both Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas will centre around the sangeet—the Indian pre-wedding tradition.

The project is still untitled but the tradition was instrumental during the couple’s nuptials in December last year. Who do you think will be perfect for the programme? Casting and filming will begin shortly but this is definitely exciting. Also—the Jealous singer and Quantico actress just celebrated their first-year anniversary earlier this month! Congratulations, Prick!

Are you looking forward to the show?

Miss Universe 2019 is…Miss South Africa!

Zozibini Tunzi has been crowned this year’s Miss Universe—in a ceremony held at Atlanta, Georgia. This is a major accomplishment as the South African beauty queen is now the proud holder of the coveted sash and crown. The 2019 pageant was hosted by Steve Harvey while Vanessa Lachey and Olivia Culpo took over the roles as backstage correspondents. The night also featured Ally Brooke, formerly of Fifth Harmony, who wowed the crowd with her performance.

Tunzi was a powerful force throughout the night, especially during the final question portion. She gave a brilliant answer when asked, “What is the most important thing we should be teaching young girls today?”. Her response: “I think the most important thing we should be teaching young girls today is leadership. It’s something that has been lacking in young girls and women for a very long time”. She ended the reply by saying, “We should be given every opportunity. And that is what we should be teaching these young girls, to take up space. Nothing is more important than taking up space in society and cementing ourselves”.

First runner-up and second runner-up positions went to Miss Puerto Rico Madison Anderson, and Miss Mexico Sofía Aragón, respectively.  There were a few hiccups during the event, unfortunately—especially during the 2019 National Costume competition. Yes, that incident involving Miss Malaysia Shweta Sekhon, Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados, and Steve Harvey himself. Honestly, it doesn’t matter who should have won because both costumes were amazing in their own ways.

Zee Avi, Novartis Malaysia, and Psoriasis Association of Malaysia collaborated on a song

Listen up, everybody! The first ever musical petition for psoriasis patients has arrived—to garner support for them to get better access. The song by Zee Avi celebrates the fighters of Psoriasis and raises awareness around the condition. Titled My Skin, the record was produced by Yuswa Ansari. How were the lyrics composed? Zee Avi and a few Psoriasis patients gathered to discuss their challenges of living with the skin issue.

It is estimated that about 500,000 Malaysians are living with the condition. However, there is no cure for now but symptoms can be managed through available treatments. Check out the petition here and the music video above. Kudos to Novartis Malaysia, Psoriasis Association of Malaysia, and Zee Avi for doing this!

The first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 is here

If you’re a fan of Wonder Woman, the film, Gal Gadot, or superheroes in general, we have good news for you—the first trailer has just been unveiled. Wonder Woman 1984 (or WW84) is the sequel to the massively successful first film that was launched in 2017. From the trailer, we can see that the film is set in the 1980s—pretty obvious from the title—with Blue Monday by New Order playing in the background. We also get to see glimpses of some major characters—Diana Prince (Gal Gadot), Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), and Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal).

No spoiler from the first movie here but is Chris Pine actually there with Diana or was she just imagining things? We have so many questions! Patty Jenkins directed as well as co-wrote the script with David Callaham and Geoff Johns.

Wonder Woman 1984 is slated to hit the cinemas on 5 June 2020. Are you excited?

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