Happy Birthday, David Bowie!

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Happy Birthday, David Bowie!

At 69 years old, David Bowie shows no signs of slowing down. Today the pop culture icon celebrates his birthday by releasing a brand new album Blackstar – his 27th to be exact. Not only has the glam rockstar continued to make music throughout five decades of an ever-changing landscape, he had also written an off-broadway musical called Lazarus, which shares the same title as his new album’s lead single.

Now he’s got a new T-shirt with none other than longtime collaborator and friend Paul Smith, in collaboration with British graphic designer Jonathan Barnbrook. Also a regular collaborator of Bowie’s, Barbrook deconstructs a black star in these limited edition T-shirts in black and white.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the birthday of an icon in pop culture, check out Bowie’s disturbing, dark video for his single ‘Lazarus’ below:

The Paul Smith for David Bowie T-shirt is available at 


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