‘Hamilton’ goes from musical to a travelling exhibition

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By Gwen Ong

‘Hamilton’ goes from musical to a travelling exhibition


Hamilton first burst into the scene in 2015 when it opened on Broadway with a multimillion dollar advanced ticket sales. One of the reasons that have made the show well received is its multi-racial casting that breaks away from other predominantly white actors line-up. Since then, the musical has garnered praises and a big fan base for its hip-hop, R&B, pop and soul show tunes. In 2016, Hamilton received a record 16 Tony nominations and won 11 awards including Best Musical.


Hamilton follows the life and times of Alexander Hamilton through the American Revolution. Now with the success of the show, fans will get a chance to indulge in Hamilton mania with an interactive travelling exhibition kicking off in Chicago this November 2018. Chicago is of a particular point of interest as it was where the musical has been staged since 2016 before moving on to other cities.




Hamilton: The Exhibition will receive creative directions from David Korins, who is also the set designer of the show, and Thomas Kail, the musical’s director, will assist him. Meanwhile, Lin-Manuel Miranda – the brains behind the musical production, will provide narration in both audio and video to visitors. The exhibition will be showcased in a temporary structure the size of a football field that translates to 27,000 square feet of exhibit space.


Hamilton: The Exhibition will recreate many of the pivotal events in the titular character’s life and allow visitors an experiential journey. Timed tickets will allow 75 people to enter the exhibition at every 10 minutes interval and they will be free to move at their own pace after. More details will be revealed here in the coming months. 

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