Give your post a ‘Game of Thrones’ stamp of approval

A cool collectible


By Gwen Ong

Give your post a ‘Game of Thrones’ stamp of approval


If you’re a stamp collector and also a fan of Game of Thrones, you’re in for a double whammy of luck. The Royal Mail in the UK will be issuing a series of 15 first class stamps featuring some of your favourite characters from the show—dead or alive, humans or non-humans. Who says stamp-collecting is boring?


From the likes of Daenerys to Jon Snow, Tyrion and Arya Stark, there will be a total of 10 characters in the line-up that also includes the Night King, giants, direwolves, dragons and the Iron Throne.

The stamps’ designs were created to encapsulate key moments in the characters’ story arcs such as Tyrion’s Wildfire pyrotechnics and Jon Snow against the Wall. Also at play is the interesting mastery of colouring that has come to be synonymous with the cinematography in Game of Thrones. Hence, the icy blue tones for Jon Snow, fiery red for Daenery and luminescent green for Tyrian. A stellar job of detailing is appreciated in the Royal Mail stamps.


The limited edition Game of Thrones stamps will go on sale from 23 January but pre-orders are open now if you’re interested.


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