Queen Elizabeth II tests positive for Covid-19 and Twitter isn’t letting her sleep it off

Some of these *are* quite funny


By Genie Leong

Queen Elizabeth II tests positive for Covid-19 and Twitter isn’t letting her sleep it off

On Sunday, 20 February 2022, Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth II had tested positive for Covid-19. The Queen is reportedly triple vaccinated and is experiencing mild, cold-like symptoms. While it is likely that the 95-year-old Queen will be under quarantine for at least five days, as per the UK’s guidelines for individuals who test positive, and will need to test negative for two consecutive days to officially be in the clear, Her Majesty is expected to continue with light duties through the week.

Upon knowing of the news, heads of state and governments around the world took to Twitter to send wishes for a speedy recovery to The Queen.

However, the politically correct well-wishes on the social media platform were (of course) accompanied by a slew of jokes and memes. Here are some of the cheekiest reactions to the news of The Queen’s Covid-positive status:

There’s the typical joke about The Queen’s seemingly never-ending lifespan…

…and how she might just outlive her son and immediate heir to the throne, Prince Charles.

Some imagine Prince Charles seeing this as an opportunity…

…others are intent on rehashing how the British media blew up earlier incidents with Meghan Markle, but with a good meme.

Additionally, the news has some Nicki Minaj fans a little confused…

…but all is well following Nicki’s tweet wishing The Queen a fast recovery and good health.

There’s the typical Twitter dark humour take…

…and those on the Princess Diana train…

…but not without a little caution (for security reasons, of course).

All in all, with The Queen’s longevity and reign a longstanding topic that social media (especially Twitter) has enjoyed poking some light fun at, the reactions to the monarch’s Covid-positive status were to be expected. Knowing that she’s most probably been through worse—and most importantly, that her current condition is reportedly mild and manageable—Twitter users are (mostly) making light of it in the spirit of good-natured humour.

Should The Queen fall seriously ill, enough so to take her away from her duties for an extended period of time, we’ll expect command to fall into the hands of Prince Charles, who is next in line to the throne after his mother, or the UK’s working government if you have a British sense of humour. For now, though, Her Majesty continues to impress the world with her work ethic. May she have a smooth and speedy recovery.

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