For three nights only: Experience the “Tarakucha effect” at The Platform


By Su Fen Tan

For three nights only: Experience the “Tarakucha effect” at The Platform

If you caught Tarakucha at Riuh earlier this year, you would know that a swinging fun time is guaranteed whenever this “terrer-menerrer” big band takes the stage. Led by seasoned singer and West End alumnus Sean Ghazi, the 17-strong ensemble features his singing partner Ida Mariana, backing-vocalists Maya Tan, Izlyn Ramli and Ruzana Ibrahim—a trio known as the Kuchettes—as well as a 12-piece big band.

Ida Mariana and Sean Ghazi


This 6 to 8 December 2018, don’t miss Tarakucha as they present ‘Marilah Menari’, a “P. Ramlee meets Vegas” show curated for the festive season—with the band’s signature retro Malay twist, of course. Expect familiar tunes that pay homage to classic Malaysian songs alongside contemporary hits and originals.


“Memang rojaklah,” says Sean about the band’s unique genre mix. “It’s hard to articulate, but while we play around with genres and languages, our audiences still leave feeling very, very patriotic. It’s strange but amazing—I call it the Tarakucha effect.”


Treat yourself to a night of good ol’ music and experience the Tarakucha effect for yourselves. ‘Marilah Menari’ runs for three nights only from 6 to 8 December at The Platform, Menara Ken TTDI.

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