Floating on air: A whole new world

Lexus Hoverboard revealed


By Buro247

Floating on air: A whole new world

Lexus finally launched its highly anticipated demonstration of the Lexus Hoverboard, ridden by professional skateboarder Ross McGouran. The teaser released in June garnered more than 7 million views and piqued everyone’s curiosity about a hoverboard in motion and the video released yesterday did not disappoint.


In the 2-minute clip, McGouran is seen examining the hoverboard while other skateboarders admired it. When one of the skateboarders tries to ride the hoverboard, he fails and falls off the board. This is where McGouran takes over and brings us on an uber cool journey of what the hoverboard can do, such as float above water and fly over skateboard (or should we say, hoverboard) ramps. 



In another video released by Lexus, we are acquainted with how the board was created and the science behind it. In this video titled ‘The Story’, we see Lexus engineers go through many testing stages, which took over a year, to master the design on the hoverboard we see today. 



The board relies on superconductors and magnetic fields and the skatepark seen in the videos was actually built by Lexus to test this technology. Although, we won’t be able to own one of these scientific wonders anytime soon, one thing is for sure, Lexus is continuing to push the boundaries of style — and now, technology.

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