The M-Junction drive-in cinema is launching on 29 July 2020


By Ronn Tan

The M-Junction drive-in cinema is launching on 29 July 2020

Update (26 July 2020):

Launching on 29 July 2020, Malaysia’s first drive-in cinema will feature a nine-by-four-metre LED screen. As for audio, it will come from the car’s radio system—either through the Aux port or Bluetooth. Don’t have either of these options? The team will provide you with Bluetooth speakers.

Furthermore, it was also revealed that there will be two sessions each day—one at 7.30pm and the other at 9pm. In addition to that, only 50 cars are allowed per session, with sedans taking the front spots and larger vehicles taking the back.

As for films that will be screened, nothing has been confirmed. The drive-in cinema will be available for three months starting 29 July 2020.

With the RMCO in effect until 31 August 2020 and the cinemas finally reopened to the public, Malaysians are now out and about again—while adapting to the “New Normal“. Going to the cinemas require patrons to follow strict standard of procedures, including spaced out seating arrangements (read more about that here).

The good news is that Kuala Lumpur will be the base for the first ever drive-in cinema in Malaysia—and Malaysians can start experiencing a whole new viewing indulgence starting 15 July (to be confirmed). Take note that Starlight Cinema was the inaugural outdoor cinema concept in KL when it first launched in 2003.

Meet M-Junction—a drive-in cinema project brought to you by TwoSpicy Entertainment Live in collaboration with MD Events Asia. Heard of LePetit Chef, Plane In The City, and Dinner In The Sky? The former is the team behind these special dining experiences.

We will have to wait for more details to be revealed—such as the films that will be shown, and the total amount of people (or cars) allowed per session. It was recently unveiled that the first location will be at Matic KL (Lanai parking area). The company also has plans to expand to other venues in the future.

Bangkok saw the opening of a new drive-in cinema in July 2020 with the screening of Trolls World Tour. Malaysians will also be able to enjoy the same outdoor cinematic experience very soon! We’ll be sure to keep you updated with more information.

What do you think about the idea as a whole? Are you excited for the first-ever drive-in theatre in the country? Is it a better alternative to watching films indoors? We’ll have to wait to find out!

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